For the superstore cannabis dispensary "Planet 13" in Las Vegas, we were commissioned to design and install a choreographed aerial show that would run automatically every hour throughout the day.
The fully autonomous show consists of 5 AirOrbs of 1 meter diameter, each with onboard RGB interior lighting. Show Video
An optical tracking system consisting of 22 OptiTrack cameras were linked to a Motive controller that could then determine the exact position of each AirOrb at any moment in time. Using this data, the radio control system for the AirOrbs flies them through an exact preprogrammed flight path that is identical for every performance.
The onboard lighting also runs in perfect synchronisation with the choreography. 

  • Location: Planet 13, Las Vegas USA

  • Date: October 2018

  • Summary of work: Conception, installation and programming of a fully autonomous aerial show performance

  • Client: Planet 13 Holdings, Las Vegas