tOucan bird with flapping wings


The Toucan Bird with flapping wings is a new development from our R&D department in 2017. 

The radio controlled hybrid model consists of a helium filled body and a bionic wing mechanism that allows the wings to realistically flap, imitating the original bird.
Due to the extreme lightweight construction and helium filling, the complete bird has a flying weight of just a few grams - thus allowing it to be safely flown over the audience. 

  • Location: Tempodrome, Berlin, Germany
  • Date: April 2017
  • Summary of work: Design, construction and flight operation of a 3 meter Toucan Bird with flapping wings
  • Client: Jaffe Entertainment, Berlin 

Using this special hybrid technology, we can now custom-make very realistically flying birds, dragons and other flapping wing creatures for theme parks, touring shows, concerts and marketing events.