Choreogrpahed AirOrbs for Opening Ceremony

The world exhibition "Expo 2017" in Astana opened with an impressive opening ceremony that was attended by 17 heads of state and government.

We were commissioned to construct a total of 19 autonomous flying AirOrbs that portrayed the sun and the planets in this high-tech show production.

The extremely lightweight helium-based construction combined with our patented soft safety propellors (made with a laser sintered figure-of-eight bendable frame covered with a flexible membrane), ensured that the AirOrbs were perfectly safe to be flown over the onstage performers with absolutely no safety issues.

After 2 months construction time and 3 weeks for the set up, programming and rehearsals on site, the show was run to a timecode to ensure that the flight paths and on-board lighting were perfectly synchronised with the other show effects and performers.

  • Location: Expo 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Date: June 2017
  • Summary of work: 1 x helium based computer controlled "Sun" AirOrb of 2.8 meters (9 ft) with 6 BlackTrax LED markers for live video tracking whilst in flight   |  10 x helium based computer controlled "Planet" AirOrbs in various sizes depicting the planets of the solar system with time coded interior LED lighting   |   8 x helium based computer controlled white AirOrbs of meter (3.2 ft) with time coded interior LED lighting
    - High end optical tracking system with 18 high speed cameras surrounding the flying area for establishing the real time positioning of all AirOrbs
    - Computer controlled autonomous flight control system with a main computer that autonomously directed and processed the tracking data to then precisely guide the AirOrbs through their pre-programmed flight paths.
  • Show concept: Andree Verleger, ABC Event Production GmbH & Co. KG
  • Client: Star Projects, Moscow