Ford Anglia construction process

The complex construction process for this Ford Anglia is the standard procedure for all of our flying cars. From start to finish, there are around 12 different specialists working on the car over a period of around 6 weeks.

  1. Preparation of the original CAD data from the outer body of the car
  2. CNC milling of around 30-50 various body forms 
  3. Moulding of polystyrene foam sheets over the forms to create moulded body parts
  4. Construction of an ultralight strutted chassis
  5. Attaching the moulded body parts to the chassis strutting
  6. Hollowing out the body of the car and inserting a custom made helium sleeve
  7. Adding identical working lights and trim as the original
  8. Fitting electric propulsion units with specially designed propellors to the body of the car
  9. Adding avionics, radio control systems and power units
  10. Airbrushing painting
  11. Extensive testing
  12. Construction of a custom-made padded transport crate