Choreographed AirOrbs

Heineken threw a VIP party on the eve of the Champions League final in the AeroSpace Bristol Museum - home of the very last Concorde supersonic plane to be flown.

After an initial testing and on-site direct comparison to standard drones, Airstage were commissioned to provided a unique floating aerial show for the event. 

Based around the Heineken TV-spot "The Prep Talk" featuring Jose Mourinho, our pilots expertly flew 6 radio controlled AirOrbs through a predetermined flight path choreography that corresponded to both the film and the stage performance

As the highlight of the event, the Champions League Trophy was flown to the stage as the 6 AirOrbs formed an aerial "guard of honour" whilst the Champions League Trophy was flown over the heads of the audience to land perfectly on the pedestal by a XXL sized AirOrb.

  • Location: AeroSpace Museum Bristol, UK

  • Date: June 2017

  • Summary of work: Construction and flight operation 6 pilot-controlled 90cm AirOrbs with time coded interior LED RGBW lighting and a pilot-controlled 210cm AirOrb to deliver the trophy..

  • Client: SetLive London for Heineken