Mercedes Benz Media Night, IAA 2015

At the Mercedes-Benz Media Night and the press conference on the following day at the IAA 2015, Airstage was part of the production with their autonomous flying balls, also known as "AirOrbs". An elaborate flight choreography that interacted with the giant LED screen was created by ABC Event Production. The helium-filled AirOrbs had a diameter of around 100 cm and were equipped with 8 electric motors and small LED markers. By means of an optical tracking system, the AirOrbs in the were tracked and flown exactly along a predetermined flight path. Our specially designed system used 27 cameras placed around the location to ensure the precision required for the perfect interaction between the 10 AirOrbs and the images on the LED screen as well as the performers.

  • Location: Messe Frankfurt, Festhalle

  • Date: 14 + 15. September 2015 (Development: April – September 2015)

  • Summary of work: Concept development, construction of 10 AirOrbs, installation, programming and running of an autonomous flying show

  • Client: Daimler AG

  • Creative Concept: Andree Verleger & Oliver Schrott Kommunikation

Photos: Ralph Larmann