Festo AquaJellies in New York


With Airstage flying objects installed in Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall, New York has become somewhat of a second home to us.

But not only these two prestigious venues; Trade Shows, Art Shows, Corporate Events, Marketing Campaigns and Touring Shows regularly keep our crews travelling between Stuttgart and New York. 

Following on from the Armory Show Art Exhibition at the beginning of March, we were back in New York at the Interphex Trade Show in the Javits Center from 21-23 March 2017 where our crew demonstrated the amazing Festo AquaJelly:

AquaJelly is an artificial autonomous jellyfish in water, a self-controlling system which emulates swarming behaviour. AquaJelly consists of a translucent hemisphere and eight tentacles for propulsion. At the centre of the AquaJelly is a watertight laser-sintered body. It houses a central electric motor, the two lithium-ion polymer batteries, the recharging control unit and the servo motors for the swash plate.

John Barker