"The word drone doesn't go down too well" - Bob Barnhart lighting designer for Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Show with the INTEL drones.

“In NHL and NBA parlance, you can have blimps in the arena; you can’t fly a drone in New York unless you have a FAA license, and that’s a really complicated process.
This (Aerial Camera Orb) has helium in it, so we don’t call it a drone
” -  Marc Bauman, senior vice president, executive producer, creative and technical production services group at The Madison Square Garden Company.

These statements underline the negativity that abounds in the minds of regulators and indeed the general public when confronted with drone safety issues.  

At Airstage, we are also very meticulous not to use the word "drone" when referring to our aerial shows - but for a different reason: We do not construct or operate drones!
Unlike drones, our radio controlled ultra-light helium based models and forms can be safely flown over an audience, irrespective of pilot controlled or autonomously controlled.

A recent white paper titled "Drone Shows Creative Potential + Best Practices" assessed the current drone technology and it's potential uses for live performances.
Although we were flattered to be included in this well written document, the term "lighter-than-air-drones" is not a correct description of our products and services.  

John Barker