Video mapping on AirOrbs

Two 115 cm diameter radio controlled AirOrbs were flown in the hourly Panasonic Magic Show at the "Integrated Systems Europe" trade show. The pilot flown AirOrbs were each fitted with 3 IR markers that could only be seen by the optical tracking system. The exact position coordinates of each AirOrb was then fed from the tracking system into the show control system that in turn controlled the Panasonic beamers to project real time video mapping content onto the complete surface of the AirOrbs as they flew freely through the air. 

  • Date: February 2017
  • Location: RIA Amsterdam, Holland
  • Summary of work: construction and on-site flying of two 115 cm diameter radio controlled AirOrbs.
  • Client: Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH, Wiesbaden Germany


Cooperation Partners:
Concept & Show Production - Painting With Light
Optical Tracking - BlackTrax real-time motion tracking
Show Control - D3 Technologies